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My Very Own Green-eyed Monster


It is not something I’m proud of, at all, in fact I find it a down right annoying habit of mine that has ruined many things in my life. I get jealous: in relationships, about the way other people look, others successes or achievements, pretty much anything and everything. I’ve always done it, when I was at school I definitely distanced myself from a lot of the girls because I was jealous they were prettier than me. I seriously messed up two relationships because I was always worrying that they would cheat on me with someone prettier ( turns out one of them was, but hey there is always arseholes in life).

Recently I’ve really learnt to deal with my jealousy. Its very true that jealousy is just a lack of self confidence, something again I’ve always struggled with, since going to university last September I really feel that my confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. Slowly but surely that is effecting my green-eyed monster. Honestly, is it making me less jealous? No probably not but I can handle it better now and channel it in to good things. For example now seeing a girl with a figure like mine but better makes me want to eat better and work out more rather than stab her eyes out. I find it easier to compliment others when I like something they’re wearing. My boyfriend telling me he’s been out all night partying, makes me want to be there enjoying myself too rather than be there to make sure he’s not eyeing up other people.

I’m a firm believer that everything in life should be enjoyed, but mostly in moderation. I don’t think anyone truly lives their life without jealousy or envy at some point. A little envy is healthy and can motivate you to better yourself as a person. If every woman out there looked at other women and felt motivated to better them selves rather than diminish other I think we’d all be a whole lot happier, no?

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So… I’ve been away.

low sun






Sunset over the mountainsDolphins Bow Riding


I’ve been away in Egypt for a couple of weeks, in small private town called El Gouna on the Red Sea. Honestly it has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. Jamie has been working out here for the last couple of months so I just came out to visit him but I have to stay that I have truly fallen in love with the place.

A little run down of what we’ve been up to: eating out (a lot!!), going out on boats, visiting uninhabited islands, kite-surfing, snorkelling, watching football, massages, shopping, swimming with dolphins, getting drunk and dancing around the garden, playing with the cats, having dinner with friends, cocktails, mono-skiing, sunbathing (getting burnt) and having the best couple of weeks.

If you like the sound of Gouna check out their website here

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The Littlest Things


It’s th46e1d9999fe03cb306cde4d6b0dbc240e little things in life that should make us happy. I for one am really quite pants at this, I get easily frustrated and often miss the little things. Probably because I’m stuck to my phone or my nose is in a book. Jamie, the boyfriend, he’s always happy etc., sometimes it drives me potty but its something I really admire about he, he really enjoys every moment of life. So here are some little things that I really enjoy.

Super loud music: on my iPhone and dancing to it in my car.

Tea: Earl Gray, a little milk and two sugars, every half an hour all day.

Sun-shine: on my face with the wind in my hair10415faf48d10044debbd8062a0fd632

Going fast: fast cars, sports whatever, I’m a bit of a speed freak.

Things that smell nice: flowers, frying onions, new sheets.

The sea: the sounds, smells and especially paddling on a hot day.

Waking up naturally: no alarm clock or nagging parents.

Views: something about being able to see along way.

Silence: I think growing up has made me really enjoy being alone sometimes, it’s calming.

What do you find calming or that make you happy?

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