Golden Holiday Makeup

Holiday makeupHoliday close upClose up holiday make upHoliday Swatches

Being in the sun and therefore getting lots of vitamin D, a good colour and drinking lots of water, holidays are always the best skin days of the year. During the day it was so hot that we were in an out of the water all day. I’m not a swimming-around-not-getting-hair-wet-sunglasses-still-on kind of girl, I’m a how-long-can-I-swim-underwater kinda person.  I’d love to be that elegant and sophisticated but I get distracted. So the only thing I wear 9-5 is L’Oréal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof

In the evenings we would go out most nights so I wanted a little coverage, my go to summer combo is a mix of the Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream and the Healthy Mix foundation in 55. I find this is the best way to get the perfect colour. At the start of the holiday I was 1:1 and by the end 2:1. Its not high coverage, its natural and glowy. Everyone likes to sparkle on holiday, the thing I like best about my face is my high cheek bones so I like to emphasize them by using Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze.

For my eyes I mostly continued to channel the golden goddess vibe, I know no prizes for originality here. For a base I used Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Bulletproof Beige all over the lid and along my bottom lash line. I limit myself to one pallet on holidays and this time The Naked 2 got to come along with me, I used Half Baked all over with Chopper on the outer corner and Bootycall in the inner corner to brighten. I didn’t want to add any harshness to the look by adding a liner so to add a little definition I tight lined just my upper water line with the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black. Usually I’d have used a pencil but I forgot to bring one and it actually worked quite well and stayed put so I might have to try it again sometime.

The lips, I didn’t anything too bright or heavy Tanya Burr’s Lip-gloss in Let’s Travel the World seemed like the obvious choice. Perfect name, perfect consistency and perfect red orange colour summer colour.

Finally perfume my boyfriend’s favourite Dolce & Gabbana the one Desire. Its beautiful for the evenings heavy but still feminine and super super sexy. Its sex appeal in a bottle, its basically everything I’m not but hey a girl can dream.

What are your holiday Favorites?

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So… I’ve been away.

low sun






Sunset over the mountainsDolphins Bow Riding


I’ve been away in Egypt for a couple of weeks, in small private town called El Gouna on the Red Sea. Honestly it has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. Jamie has been working out here for the last couple of months so I just came out to visit him but I have to stay that I have truly fallen in love with the place.

A little run down of what we’ve been up to: eating out (a lot!!), going out on boats, visiting uninhabited islands, kite-surfing, snorkelling, watching football, massages, shopping, swimming with dolphins, getting drunk and dancing around the garden, playing with the cats, having dinner with friends, cocktails, mono-skiing, sunbathing (getting burnt) and having the best couple of weeks.

If you like the sound of Gouna check out their website here

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The Littlest Things


It’s th46e1d9999fe03cb306cde4d6b0dbc240e little things in life that should make us happy. I for one am really quite pants at this, I get easily frustrated and often miss the little things. Probably because I’m stuck to my phone or my nose is in a book. Jamie, the boyfriend, he’s always happy etc., sometimes it drives me potty but its something I really admire about he, he really enjoys every moment of life. So here are some little things that I really enjoy.

Super loud music: on my iPhone and dancing to it in my car.

Tea: Earl Gray, a little milk and two sugars, every half an hour all day.

Sun-shine: on my face with the wind in my hair10415faf48d10044debbd8062a0fd632

Going fast: fast cars, sports whatever, I’m a bit of a speed freak.

Things that smell nice: flowers, frying onions, new sheets.

The sea: the sounds, smells and especially paddling on a hot day.

Waking up naturally: no alarm clock or nagging parents.

Views: something about being able to see along way.

Silence: I think growing up has made me really enjoy being alone sometimes, it’s calming.

What do you find calming or that make you happy?

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Left-overs Cury Night

Curry night Over all cury Curry close up

Raita- Grate about half a cucumber, add a touch of salt, and squeeze the water out. Mix with 3 large spoonful’s of  good quality natural yogurt and a crushed garlic clove. ( the best garlic crushers are from ikea)

Cavolo nero– it’s a bit like kale, so cook accordingly. In another pan dry fry some desiccated coconut, about a handful, until pale brown. Add to drained Cavolo nero along with freshly chopped tomatoes.

A good lime pickle is essential; Patak’s is my favorite as it is not as sweet as others.

Naan bread and mango chutney, goes without saying really for a curry night.

A now for the actual curry, this recipe is perfect for Monday nights after Sunday roast lamb when you have a lot of left over meat. However, if you don’t have any left overs buy diced leg of lamb and cook for an hour and a half, but keep adding water to keep it wet. Sautee an onion, this is basically like frying on start on a very high heat once you’ve added the onion to the melted butter turn the heat right down, this will mean the onion will be a lot sweeter and wont burn. Add some crushed cardamom seeds, or if you don’t mind chewing them leave them whole. Some garam masala, cumin, ground coriander, some dried chili flacks or a medium fresh chili, as well as tamarind paste. Fry for a few minutes and then add a tin of chopped tomatoes, it doesn’t matter if you buy cheap or expensive, however, if they were cheap ( no one is judging you, I’m a student) add a teaspoon of sugar if they were expensive and a tiny splash of cider vinegar. Bubble for a few minutes or as long as you have, you want it to thicken but not dry out.  Add one aubergine chopped to a suitable size, and then the lamb. Cooked for a while longer until the aubergine is cooked, season to taste and serve with rice, which I wont advise you on as I’m truly rubbish at rice so go ask someone else if you’re not sure.

Go and eat outside with candles and red wine,  lots of red wine.

Let me know how it turns out if you make this? What else do you do with left over roasts?

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P.s. Shopping list in Bold.


‘Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist’

Today I was in of a psychiatrist, I dropped my iPhone down the loo, and now I feel as if one of legs has been chopped off. It’s sad isn’t it how much we rely on technology isn’t it. In order to get over my loss I figured a little shopping was in order. 4

3 I’m off to Egypt in a couple of weeks, so to prep my skin before I go the Dirty Works – Glow Girl Salt Scrubas I like to exfoliate every day for the week before I go. This makes sure the tan I get will last for a long as possible. I also have a need not to be the palest on the beach, so a new tanning mitt was in order, the best one I’ve found for an even finish is the Velvotan – Tanning Mitt.

Eye linerFor the summer I like to add a little more colour into my quite neutral make-up, and eye liners are a) a relatively simple and risk free way to do it and b) really easy to pack. These two GOSH – Velvet Touch Eye LinersI’m going to do a look soon on easy way to incorporate colour for the faint hearted. 
And last but not least Jill Mansell’s new book The Unpredictable Consequences of Loveas I’ve just finished The Fault in Our stars in two days flat. Although I am tempted to keep this one until I go on Holiday, but that probably won’t happen. 

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It’s graphic, it’s grizzly, it’s Revenge by Martina Cole

Front Cover of Revenge

I’ve never read any of Martina Cole before, this happened to be on ‘buy one get one half price’ in Water Stones so I figured I’d give it a whirl.

Martina is 55 and lives in Essex, she has two children, a son and daughter. Both her parents are from Ireland. She is a best-selling crime/gang writer and many of her books are based on the Irish gang scene in England. Revenge is her 12th novel, four of which have been made into TV shows for Sky One, Revenge was first released in October 2013.

Revenge is based on Irish gang culture in London it follows the story of Michael Flynn as he rises from a nobody to the biggest criminal face in Europe. Then a mistake he made when he was first starting out comes back to haunt him and brings everything Michael holds close crashing down around him.

I don’t often read reviews of books before I buy them, however, I’ve just read some of the them for Revenge and I don’t think they do it justice as a standalone book. I find with many authors that if you read too many of their books they come become a little repetitive and that may well be the case with Martina Cole but Revenge as the only one of her books is damn good I think. Gritty? Yes. Colourful langue? Shed loads, Definitely not for the faint hearted or squeamish. But a gripping storyline with well thought out characters ( although some could have done with a touch more fleshing out) and a swig of dysfunctional families thrown in for good measure, to me that’s always a good read.

Read time : 5 days (612 pages)

Cost: £7.99

Recommend: Someone who enjoys crime, probably more suited to women. To me more of a winter readnot totally sure why but hey. 

Favourite character: Declan Costello, he brings a sense of humour to the story as well as a constantly positive attitude. 

Have you read anything by Martina Cole? Or any summer reads for my upcoming holiday that you’d recommend?

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A beautiful day out


Flowers Collage

Silly HatP1040056Mont of OlivesMirror GardenIn Flander FieldsCoco GardenBumble BeeP1040060
































What? BBC Gardeners’s World Live and BBC GoodFood Show.

Where? Birmingham NEC.

When? 12 – 15 June 2014

My Top Five:

One – Seeing James Martin live, unfortunately the photos I took of his show were seriously poor. I’m going to blame the lighting, but honestly the show its self was really really good. He made seared tuna with watermelon, ginger pickle puree and baby leaves, followed by BBQ duck and finally strawberry pavlova with vanilla cream and a strawberry glaze. And he did it all with a sense of humour, “We like Sainsbury’s because it keeps the rif-raf out of Waitrose”.

Two – Buying macarons, I’ve actually never really been a massive fan but they just look so very cute and are definitely the in thing at the moment. Not only were the ones I brought from Dimkin’s suitably dinky they were also jolly yummy when I had them for breakfast this morning, I was running late for work. 

Three -The Cocoa Garden, if only this was smell-o-blog! Bubbling pools of chocolate and furniture made of coco pods, not only was it beautiful to look at but also truly stunning to smell like a real like Willy Wonka paradise.

Four – The weather, typical British we’ve got to mention the weather somewhere but at least I’m not moaning about it…this time. We could not of wished for better weather, perfect sunshine for 90% of the day.

Five: The garden created by Birmingham City Council, designed to commemorate 100 years since the start of World War One. Giant poppies as a central water feature with plants fighting over head, along with many other details such as dogs (for catching rats), a BSA bicycle, as well as trenches and a stunning horse.

Let me know if you’ve been to the show and your favourite things from it?

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Birmingham City Council