OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Range

OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk.1

OGX Norishing Coconut Milk.2

Firstly and the thing that made me go out and buy the shampoo and conditioner again when I ran out, something which I never ever do with hair care, the smell. Its like bounty in a bottle, super sweet and summery. Ok yes its a little plastic-y but it reminds me of holidays every time I get in the shower, which makes me smile. Whats better than that? A shampoo that washes your hair, makes your bathroom smell like the bounty factory and you’ll smile every time you use. It’s a win win really.

But no one wants to smell like a tropical princess and have fizz bomb hair, luckily this stuff actually works too. I have bleach-blonde-beach-bum hair, which I have grown to love but all the dye over the last X-number of years does mean that it’s not in the best condition ever and I suffer quite badly from breakage and split ends as well as the fact it can get quite dry. This range has coconut milk to nourish, whipped eggs to add protein and therefore strength, and finally coconut oils for hydration. It is also sulphate free, which is great as they strip you hair of natural oils. Sounds perfect right?

The shampoo ( £6.99 for 385ml), is thicker than others, I find that some sulphate free shampoo’s don’t foam up enough. No such problem here although its not bubbly foam its a little like whisk egg whites, which would make sense really.

The condition (£6.99 for 385ml), is again quite thick, which for a conditioner I really like. Normally with high-street conditioners I towel dry my hair first and then condition as I find they can be quite watery and work more effectively on drier hair. However, that doesn’t really work with this as its too thick to spread around on dry hair. But it is very moisturising.

The anti-breakage serum ( £6.99 for 118ml), this is what due me too the line originally, as I really want to grow my hair but with all the breakage and fall out it never seems to really happen. I have to say that I’ve been in the sun, the sea and swimming pools for a couple of weeks so it may not have been the fairest test but I am already starting to see a bit of difference when I shower. I never brush my hair as I have ringlets and if I brush them they turn to fizz so I only comb through my hair in the shower and I’ve definitely seen a lot less fall out than I was seeing before.

My only grump about the product is that the gorgeous smell doesn’t stay for very long, even using the oil on dry hair it still only lingers for a couple of hours.

Next I’d really like to try the split end mender but at £21.50 is quite a lot and it’s hard to find in the UK.

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