‘The Unpredictable Consequences of Love’ by Jill Mansell

18240500I love Jill Mansell, she is definitely my favourite easy-read author. I’ve never been disappointed by any of her books and I’ve actually read them all, yes I know I’m keen. ‘The Unpredictable consequences of Love’ followed suit and did not disappoint. Mansell does have some what of a standard pattern, male and female lead characters, small village, a number of secondary characters at least one of whom is from and elder generation. But it works so why not? She is fantastic at really creating a sense of community, weaving everyone’s story in and building an incredibly vivid little village. It’s heart warming and funny as well as covering some more difficult issue such as depression and terminal illness. Although this doesn’t dampen the book in the slightest.

Josh, lead male, has been leaving in the states managing a successful band. But now he’s back in St Cary’s to help his Grandmother run her hotel. He meets Sophie, lead female, when she’s working as a photographer in the hotel. Josh wants Sophie to go for dinner with him but she flatly refuses, disappointed and unused to rejection Josh vows to find out whats the matter with Sophie. She has her reasons for not wanting to date Josh, or anyone else for that matter, but they deep in her past and she’d quite like them to stay there. Sophie’s best friend Tula is down for the weekend, she’s great fun and full of life and definitely keen to meet some men. Riley, Josh’s friend, quite likes the look of her but his beach bum life make her a no go for Tula. In fact she’s got her eye keenly on Josh.

Josh’s Grandmother, the very swish Dot, and Grandfather Laurence have split up. A blast from their past comes into town and sweeps Dot of her feet making Laurence realise more than ever how much he still loves her. Laurence is slightly distracted by Riley’s Grandmother Marguerite an author with a secret of her own.

Read time : 5 hours (374 pages)

Cost: £7.99

Recommend: Definitely a girly book, but apart from that any age range at all. That’s one of Mansell’s greatest talents. It’s a great holiday read for this summer.

Favourite character: Riley, I find him very endearing and then when you discover his secret I find him to be kind, caring and determined as well, it helps that he also sounds very dishy . 

Favourite scene: Sophie’s naked photo shoot on the beach

Favourite thing about the book: The contrast between Sophie and Tula’s character is great, they are both strong independent women but in totally different ways. Their friendship is also totally believable and realistic

Least favourite thing: The end was just a little too ‘fairy tale’ for me with everyone being perfectly paired of. I also haven’t been left wondering what the characters are doing now, maybe just a little too well finished.

Have you read either of Jill Mansell’s novels? What do you think?

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